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This page explains the step to connect a Beebox project to a Wordbee Translator project.


Step 1: Wordbee Translator admin

  • Find your unique Wordbee Translator "vendor key": Find Vendor Key
  • Provide vendor key to the Beebox administrator

Step 2: Beebox admin

Step 3: Wordbee Translator admin

  • In the Projects > Beebox links page the new link request is shown:

  • Click Select to see full details and follow instructions (note you will need to define a Codyt project in the platform to handle all requests coming from Beebox)
  • Do not forget to Confirm the link (see button in top of details page)

  • Once activated, the Beebox project is ready to send work!


Step 4: Beebox admin

  • The Beebox admin can refresh the translation vendor settings page. It will now say that the link is active.


Please note that (at the time of writing) neither Wordbee Translator nor Beebox admin are notified by email during these steps.



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