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Same functionality, improved design, better usability

In the new editor you will find the same functions and features that are in the current one, just arranged in a more intuitive way (and many extras). We really want you to be in  control of your workspace and be able to set your environment as you wish, to help you improve your productivity and keep track of the job progress at any time. 

Any concerns about working in the new editor, in the old or in both?

No need to worry, in any case, your data will still be safely stored in Wordbee Translator. The work you will be completing will always be available in your platform and you can enter any of the editors to perform your job. 

So if you are in a hurry or if at first it takes you some time to get familiar with the new CAT environment, you can always switch to the classic editor and get your task done as usual.

Remember that this is temporary and that eventually the new editor will replace the current one.

Improved features

Improved tag handling and ‘ Undo/Redo’ by segment to allow users to recover previous versions of the translation from the segment history.

Personalized export and import templates which can be used to work on a task offline or create custom reports.

Personalized layout options for each task, plus the multicolumn environment.

Smart Assistant  enhanced providing autocomplete suggestions and performing real time QA checks.

Import edited machine translation to local project memory from the Translation Finder.

The search bar: narrow down your search by using search operators and combine filters  of many different fields at once.



New features

Wordbee CAT solution offers a complete suite of features that will boost the productivity of translators and reviewers.

For example:

The Widgets will help users to directly see the most relevant information for their job and allow them to interact with each other throughout the project.

The Timeline pane is the communication tool for users participating in the project.

The Translation Finder is the gateway to your linguistic resources.

The Properties pane gathers all specific details and instructions given for each segment.

Read out loud capabilities, available for source and target, using the text to speech processor of Internet browsers (currently supported for Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera).

Speech to text recognition (currently supported for Google Chrome and Firefox*).


* Needs activation of

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