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The settings tab for administrator allows you to reach detailed information about many areas of the system. 

Settings header menu (for Admin users)

You can reach this area by clicking on the settings tab on the main bar or just mousing over it and selecting the convenient option:

The settings navigation tabs enable you to:

  • Customize and configure all aspects of your platform
  • Check the license and usage details of your Wordbee Translator subscription
  • Check the current activity in the platform to have an overview of the users connected, review the notifications being sent and other global processes in the system.
  • Manage the in-house and external logins allocated to your teams.

Settings to customize the platform (for Admin and manager* users)

Administrators and some manager users with specific access rights will be able to run some configurations covered below:

  • Look and Feel: customize the general branding options of the platform, from login screen to email notification address and CSS styles.
  • Translation settings: text extraction rules, segmentation, languages and tasks available in the system
  • Translation memories*: customize the memories' use and the fuzzy matches.
  • Machine Translation: set your machine translation system and customize the client portal forms.
  • Project and work processes*: change the formats and contents of notification emails, synchronize jobs and invoices/quotes statuses, etc.
  • Invoicing*: customize invoices: from layout to contents
  • Client portal: customize your client portal (form, use of machine translation, orders...)
  • General settings*: configure custom fields, labels, comment categories in the CAT editor and exchange rates.
  • Accounts and security: configure access rights, users' logins and main security aspects of the platform.
  • Configuring Global Search*: configure the languages, the translation memories used in order to customize your global search.
  • API*: enable/disable API access. The API enables you to control and automate almost any aspect of the system. Please contact us if you want to activate this functionality.
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