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Wordbee allows you to quickly import your clients, suppliers and priceslists' information on your environment, by the mean of Excel sheets.

The Administrator can download these Excel sheets by passing his mouse over My company and by clicking on Data import:

From the Data import page you can choose between 3 templates:

  • Client or Supplier: To import clients and suppliers' companies information, billing details, etc.
  • Pricelist: To import clients and suppliers' pricelists
  • Worker: to create logins for internal and external users



If you wish to import suppliers and pricelists, you should first fill-in the 'Client or Supplier' template. This is because you need to have the company's information registered to be able to import users' logins and pricelist(s).

Start by selecting the type of content to import and then download the sample Excel file. 

Once the document filled-in, you will have to upload it back to the same page, to import all information.

Click on the links below to see details about the different elements that the system enables you to import with each template:

Importing Clients and Supplier companies 

Importing Pricelists

Importing user profiles to the platform