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Clients using the Client Portal

In this page you will learn how to: 

Access the Platform

Log into your dedicated space

Login using the details provided by your contact person in the translation provider.

Find the two login possibilities below, based on the information that has been sent to you via the confirmation email: 

Login page

1) The Welcome page is available on:*

2) The URL already contains your Account ID 

Then click on  to access your home page!

*Login button also available in

Then click on  to access your home page!

Forgot your password? Click on the link. You will need your Account ID and User ID to get reminded of your password by email.

Home page and space overview

Here you can search for translations, follow recent orders, have an overview of the current activity and navigate your calendar, where important events can be highlighted.

If you login for the first time...

Jump directly to the New Order section to learn how to send your first request.

Keep reading to discover the widgets available in the Home page You can drag them and hide them as you wish, the configuration of this page is part of your user preference's setup.

Recent Orders:

This is a compact view of your order dashboard, which also alows you to place new requests.

Find a translation (optional): 

This widget is your gateway to the linguistic resources that are at your disposal. You will know more about this feature in the Global Search section.


The activity widget will give you a general overview of the oders that you have placed, based on their current status.


Calendar view:

In this widget you will have a preview of your activity in the platform. You can browse your own personal calendar or the company one, where all orders and appointments are registered.

By clicking in details you will get to the planning tool section, allowing you to navigate and filter these events in many different ways.

Learn how to use the portal to send requests to your provider and interact with the person in charge of your order.

Place a new Order

You can send your requests from the home page of your space, from the Orders tab and even directly from the order dashboard.

Once you click in New Order you will open a request form which is custom designed and has been configured to suit your needs. 

Step 1. Fill the order form

This form is flexible and can be further adapted by your service provider, if needed.

  • Fill the form with all relevant information (all required fields are marked with *). Note that more optional fields can be visible for you to enter additional information. 
  • Additional information may be displayed inside some elements of the form. Also, the questionmark can help you to make your selection.

Don't hesitate to use the Instructions field if you have specific requirements to be taken into account during the process.


Order details:

This is how a filled order would look like: 

When everything is ready, click next to have a preview of the costs (optional) or confirm your order right away.


Step 2. Previewing counts and costs (optional) and confirm your order

You will be able to see a preview of the costs together with the word count and translation memory matches if your form has been configured to diplay this information.

At this stage, you can still go back and make some changes.
If your order is complete, you can hand it over to your service provider by clicking in confirm your order.


Order confirmation

After confirming your order, a message will be displayed to let you know that the operation was successfull. The contact person of your provider company will be notified right away about your request and you may be contacted soon if with a quote or if further explenations are needed. From the same confirmation window, you can now access the order sumary to check that all the details.

Manage your orders

Order Summay

This window centralises all the information and details of your request. You can do many things:

General progressFinanceCommunications
Track the progress of your order under Status. You can also track all major events by clicking on the status text.
  • Check the final cost of your invoice, as soon as it is available under Cost tab. The total cost will also be displayed directly in this page.

Communicate with your contact person using the View/send messages module. 

Don't worry if you don't see any predefined person as a contact, your request will be handled by your service provider. The name of the person who will be responsible for your request will be updated.


Notify somebody from your own company anytime there are updates to be checked using the Email notifications link.

Note that any backup contact needs to be previously entered in your own company section by your service provider.

In case you need to add more files to your order or send reference materials, send a message to your contact person so that they can make the arrangements for you to upload the files. Sometimes they may be able to make this changes for you

Receiving the results

You will be notified each time there is a new file made available for you. This feature can be useful if you require different deadlines for each target language.

You can decide if you want to get these when partial deliveries are done under your personal preferences. Go to your profile and click on the notifications tab:


If you would like to make amendements to the files already delivered, you will need to send a message to your contact person by using the dedicated module.


Order is completed

Step 1. Check the results

Once all final files are ready, the status of your order will change to Work done and you will be automatically notified to retrieve all the work.

  • Go to your personal account, click on the desired order and download the documents from the library section at the bottom of the page. 

    If you requested translations for more than one language, the files will be available under their respective target language folder.

    You can check the results of the work delivered and then decide to close the order by approving the results or send them back to your provider so that they make the corrections you may request.
    The order status will be kept on <work done> until you confirm the results. 


Step 2. Results are OK. Approve them to close the order.

Once you are satisfied with the work delivered, click on Approve results and you will have the possibility to share your experience sending a final message to your service provider.


Step 3. Rate the service (Optional)

If your provider has enabled this option, you will be able to rate the quality of the service provided by giving a general mark. 

You will see this box at the top right corner. 

Just hoover the stars and the evaluation will be sent right away.

Use the order dashboard

Once you are finished with all updates, you will able to see the final status of your order directly from the order dashboard, where all the orders placed by you or your colleagues are to be found. 

All orders vs. my orders tabs

All company orders will be listed under all orders, whereas my orders only displays your own requests.



Remember that your homepage also contains a widget that gives you access to all orders.


If you navigate to the Planning tab you will be able to have an overview of your current activity direclty in your company's calendar.

Browsing Your Orders

Clicking the «Orders» tab will redirect you to the Orders dashboard, where the complete list of your orders is displayed. For each item, you can display different information per column such as: order reference, name, reception date, deadline, as well as their real time status.

  • Note that additional criteria can be displayed by clicking in the Columns link in the bottom of the list.

    Don’t hesitate to use the search options available if you want to filter by any of the criteria described before. This will be specially useful if your list gets really long!

Export the oder overview

By clicking in the Print button you will be able to export the current view of your oder dasboard. This could be really handy when having a print copy of activity to keep working offline.