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Wordbee has developed an MT Hive Tool, with a free Add-in for Microsoft Office that let you translate emails, text and documents on the fly.

Built for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word, the Add-ins use a combination of machine translation and your very own translation memories to give you a "gist" translation – a first-run translation of the best possible quality to give you an immediate idea of what the content is about, in your own language. If you're unhappy with the gist translation, human post-editing can be requested, directly from the tool.



Wordbee Translator Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Machine translate emails and attachments from within Outlook.

Wordbee Translator Add-in for Microsoft Word

Machine translate text and documents from within Word.


About      Download

About      Download


The Add-ins require a login to the Wordbee Translator platform. It can be your own licence or that of your language service provider. For configuration help, please see the Administrator Guide.



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